Getting Sh*t done playlist 2, only inside this time. X

How is everyone doing? Hope you are staying safe and not going crazy indoors.

It’s gotta be done.

So today I thought we could have a little playlist to help motivate us all to get stuff done. Because I don’t know about you but I need to regain a little organisation and little calm into this chaos.

But most importantly please remember we are in it together. Let it bring us all closer, if only virtually. Let’s keep the patience, the kindness, the unity of sorts, and the appreciation for all that we are blessed still to have.

Because for someone, somewhere at least it is always worse. Isn’t there always plenty still to be grateful for ? Even in harder times.

Look out for with those who need it most. Because that is the kind society I want to live in, don’t you.


Another Soft Playlist 5 today, with some of the most beautiful new stuff.

A little bit of a longer playlist today to say thanks and make up for the days I have not been able to post.

Some of these are so wonderfully hypnotic they really take me away, somewhere, which I absolutely love.

That RY COODER and V.M.BHATT Gangees delta blues is simply other worldly. The combination of the two sounds sit together so exquisitely, that one might imagine they had always been kin.

A new almost trance like XAVIER RUDD song Fortune Teller. F**king brilliant and nice natural funky, bluesy sound.

Plus a few fabulous new ones to me like Take me back by JUCA CHAVES, Mon commandant by SAGES COMME DE LARGUE LA PEAU, Les Fleur by 4HERO and GAZ COMMMBES, with Walk the walk, with some of the most beautiful harmonies and musicianship.

And a wonderful version of Dazed and Confused by HANNAH WILLIAM With a voice worthy of the song and a great RAMSEY LEWIS number, that is SO funky it would be a crime not to move to it. ; )

What a lift. X

Aaaaaaarghhhhhh*%!#*$@!&?/!#;! OM….

Sometimes I feel like I am drowning..Life 2, playlist.

So, sorry to be away, just a bit speechless at the moment.

So I will make it up to you with lots of music instead.

All my love, as always,