Quiet Night In Anyone? will be just us 😉With 2 new playlists for just that.

What beautiful songs, songwriters & Performers.

Aren’t we blessed

Getting Sh*t done playlist 2, only inside this time. X

How is everyone doing? Hope you are staying safe and not going crazy indoors.

It’s gotta be done.

So today I thought we could have a little playlist to help motivate us all to get stuff done. Because I don’t know about you but I need to regain a little organisation and little calm into this chaos.

But most importantly please remember we are in it together. Let it bring us all closer, if only virtually. Let’s keep the patience, the kindness, the unity of sorts, and the appreciation for all that we are blessed still to have.

Because for someone, somewhere at least it is always worse. Isn’t there always plenty still to be grateful for ? Even in harder times.

Look out for with those who need it most. Because that is the kind society I want to live in, don’t you.


Today I am grateful for this time of year. I just LOVE those Autumn Leaves.

I do so love this time of year. The leaves are so beautiful, even in their swansong and right till their very crisp end.

Even better if you are flying into Canada. All I can say is Wow ! Aerialy with all those maple trees…. it is utterly breathtaking.

I know it’s a cold time of year and pretty damp too, which no one knows this better than us Brits, I can assure you.

So we rush around trying to get from one warm haven to the next as fast as possible. Often moving so fast that we forget to takè the time to look around and appreciate each season’s artistry.

But i like to do the opposite when ever possible. I wrap up with my many, many and I do mean many layers as I get quite cold and I dont want that to be my excuse lnot to go out at all, or to be able to linger any longer than is absolutely necessary.

Then I go can go out on frosty walks and try to slow myself right down in order to be able to soak it all in.

To really notice and enjoy each tiny bug or feisty little Robin and rutting dear. No matter how small I see the beauty of them all.

Every tiny twisted twig or Knarley knot and bough. Each gloriously flaming leaf enjoyed.

Which wonderfully ends up feeling a lot more like a walking meditation in gratitude, for all our wonderful world filled with such incredible colour and beauty at every turn. If you only take the time to look.