Can you please be kinder to yourself today? 💖 — joypassiondesire

Lovely Blog, thanks Joypassiondesire so i’ve added a few to give you a good sample.x

Wouldn’t it be fun to turn every complaint into a statement about what you now know you desire? Wouldn’t it be nice to feel the rush of positive energy as you open up and look for reasons to like, enjoy and love? Imagine the ease and joy you would feel as you choose to look […]

Deliberately think the best of everything and everyone — joypassiondesire

Can you please be kinder to yourself today? See this new day as a new opportunity for you to begin treating yourself like someone you really care about. Sooth yourself, comfort yourself, support yourself and believe in yourself. There is kindness, beauty, love, joy, passion and desire within you – it is time you open […]

Can you please be kinder to yourself today? 💖 — joypassiondesire

Soft Sunday, Ray LaMontagne Mini Playlist and Happy Mothers Day all. x


Ray LaMontagne has so much pain and passion in his voice and it is so smooth it does something to me, lol. Hope you love it too.

I’ve posted the mini playlist first, then each song separately too. followed by at the bottom three of my favourite albums in full because that is how I like to listen to the music and go in the journey the artist meant for you to follow.

Sorry for the delay posting any music yet today, it is because it is Mothers day in britain. So I have spent a wonderful day with the love of my life my cute, cheeky son, spoiling me even at just 13…I  LOVE HIM SO SO MUCH.

He is without a doubt unequivocally the most wonderful thing I have ever done,  my greatest acheivment and the best present i ever had.

Each day he redeems me. X




The Power of Self-Talk — MakeItUltra™ Psychology

Written by Dr. Perry, PhD Image Credit: Pixabay “We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.” ~Dalai Lama XIV Like a faithful shadow on a sunny afternoon, we are accompanied throughout our lives by a constant inner monologue. This voice has been with us since childhood and reflects both […]

The Power of Self-Talk — MakeItUltra™ Psychology